Let’s mobilize mutual help among jobseekers!

A service that invites your job seekers to support each other, to share their projects, ideas and motivations.

NetworkYou is a service developed by Backstage.Network that allows your audiences to integrate small groups with whom they can exchange on their projects, feed each other, advise each other and support their motivation.

Facing the job market together

It is well known that a period of unemployment is a difficult stage where the individual is quickly plunged into loneliness, doubts about his skills, depression. The labour market is in itself a terrain undermined by competition between individuals, which does not spontaneously invite solidarity and benevolence.

And yet, we also know that when job seekers have the chance to live a collective experience in a PSI programme in particular, energy, motivation, the desire to move forward and the feeling that it can be done, return immediately.

So why not stay in a group? This is our challenge: to offer job seekers who have had a positive experience with a group the opportunity to keep in touch by benefiting from a virtual space for communication, sharing documents and diaries.

This space is managed by the group itself, with or without your help and presence. But you can also create a larger community around your project, and manage yourself the activity of your groups, invite new members, disseminate information, share offers and advice…

If you wish, you can also call upon the facilitators of the Cosearching program (financed by Actiris) to initiate the autonomy of your groups and train them in the tools of collective intelligence.

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