Who are we?

Backstage.Network ASBL

The social start’up that supports the socio-professional integration of the Brussels inhabitants in a collaborative approach. We organise face-to-face and online coaching, orientation, mentoring and networking activities.

Get inspired

Backstage.Network allows any Brussels resident in school or professional transition to find inspiration to define and undertake his or her project.

Everyone can get in touch with our inspirational people (professionals from all sectors, passionate about their profession) individually or during our “Inspire-me” events for :

  • discover jobs related to their talents
  • obtain field information about the profession and its behind-the-scenes work
  • receive tips and tricks on education and training
  • finding his way

Our methodology is based on the central role of modeling, role-models in orientation. Inspiring professional models provide social proof and reinforce the feeling of self-efficacy.

“I can identify with this inspirational figure, so I can project myself into the same path as him.”

Connect with each other

Backstage.Network enables Brussels’ inhabitants to connect directly to the world of work and employment to facilitate their educational and professional transitions.

Our platform is based on crowdsourcing to bring together key players in the labour market (inspirational people, companies, federations, training centres, socio-professional integration sector) and make them available to job seekers:

  • information on the professions provided by those who practise them
  • insights on training and employment
  • labour market news
  • resources and advice
  • opportunities to develop their own networks

Helping each other

Backstage.Network offers Brussels jobseekers the opportunity to integrate self-help communities to look for work in a different way.

The objective is simple: to break the isolation and the loss of confidence that this implies!

The method is even simpler: to use the resources of others and of the collective to initiate new dynamics, to change one’s outlook on oneself and to motivate oneself to move forward together.

Backstage.Network is already developing 3 communities of job seekers:


for job seekers between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to discover their potential and find their path


for all job seekers who wish to receive personalized coaching from a mentor


for all job seekers who wish to develop their skills and projects in groups

Our team