Youth, PSI, training or employment actors?

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Let’s network so that Brussels jobseekers can connect to the job market!

We offer you two kinds of collaboration:

Become a connector!

Do you work in a CPAS, an Actiris antenna, a local Mission, a school, an AMO? Do you want to offer your public alternative and collaborative integration projects?

Then connect them to one of our projects!
To be a connector is to be a trusted relay to help the job seeker discover and seize new opportunities in order to make his or her project a reality.

It also means collaborating to co-construct an offer adapted to your audience: our tools at the service of your work!


for job seekers between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to discover their potential and find their path


for all job seekers who wish to receive personalized coaching from a mentor


for all job seekers who wish to develop their skills and projects in groups

Become a co-operator!

Do you work in a local Mission, a training centre, an IFP, a sector fund, a temp agency? Do you want to reach more candidates to promote your service offers?

So let’s work together to enable our audience to benefit from your opportunities!
Being a co-operator means giving Brussels jobseekers access to the many opportunities for integration into working life.

Publish your service offers for free on our social network to make them visible to all our jobseeker communities!

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Some collaborations

Discover how Veronica (youth coach at the OCMW in Schaerbeek), Corentin (Director of Home 18-24), Brigitte (Local Mission Advisor) and Abel (marketing and community lead at BeCode) work together with us to support the people of Brussels on their way to employment!