Let’s support
job seekers!

A mentoring program open to all Brussels job seekers, developed by asbl Pour la Solidarité, in partnership with Backstage.Network with the support of Actiris.

The two associations, Pour la Solidarité and pool their expertise in PSI, diversity and business to offer you a collaborative approach to job search between:

  • job seekers: mentees
  • inspiring professionals from various Brussels companies: mentors
  • ISP advisors, coaches, training centres, companies: the Backtage.Network community

Our mentors are inspiring and trained professionals from various private and public Brussels companies who volunteer their time, experience, tips and network to support job seekers in their professional goals!

Mentoring in service of PSI

This is the story of King Odysseus who goes to war and entrusts his son to his friend Mentor to advise and support him during his journey .

In 2020, job seekers are also a bit of heroes on a quest, aren’t they? What if you offered them the MentorYou adventure?

  • The job seekers you accompany need a boost to expand their network?
  • They would like to have a new string to their bow?
  • They are in need of more support?
  • They need a new dynamic and to regain their self-confidence?

MentorYou Mondays

Invite them or accompany them to the “MentorYOU Mondays”: information session every first Monday of the month from 13h to 14h in the premises of PLS, rue Coenraets, 66 to 1060 St-Gilles.

Terms and Conditions

MentorYou is aimed at all Brussels job seekers registered with Actiris, whatever their project and situation.

Our mentors welcome the job seeker twice a month at their workplace for a period of 6 months.

The MentorYou team supports each pair from the first meeting to the achievement of their goal and feeds the community of mentors and mentees through training modules, online resources accessible on our platform and regular follow-up interviews.

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