Why Backstage.Network?

All young people must, sooner or later, choose a career path. However, secondary school students - as well as higher education students - have limited knowledge of the world of work, the range of occupations and possible careers.

At Backstage.Network, we believe that young people must be given more opportunity to explore the working life in order to inspire them and motivate them to pursue an academic or professional path. We want to allow these young people to meet professionals in their local environment and discover the "behind the scenes" aspects of the jobs. Our goal is to facilitate the link between young people in search of orientation with professionals from different horizons through a participative social network adapted to the current modes of communication of the youngers.

A social network

The Backstage.Network community is based on the testimonials of professional volunteers who want to share the reality of their profession with young people. These professionals, called "inspirers" on Backstage explain, in writing or in video, what a day of their work looks like, what were their academic and career paths or what advice would they give to a young person who would like to follow the same path.

Backstage.Network is completely free for all its users and is based on the financial support from public and private funds.


The social network Backstage.Network relies on inter-generational solidarity: students connect with former students, students or professionals in studies, professions or jobs that interest them. At each generation, each user has the opportunity to participate in discussion groups and to enriches everyone's knowledge.

Our goal is to enable young people to open the field of possibilities and to consider any project, regardless of their gender or their social and cultural environment. Backstage.Network wishes to reduce the socio-economic biais on individual choices.


The Backstage.Network social network helps local communities and solidarity networks, such as alumni and parents' associations, as well as local initiatives between schools and businesses, by giving them the opportunity to structure and increase their collaboration.

By supporting local initiatives, we want to facilitate the organization of in-person meetings between young people and professionals, such as company visits or any other activities to inspire students and stimulate their motivation.


The ambition of Backstage.Network is to become the first platform "crowdsourcing" job descriptions to have a constantly updated vision of existing professions and careers, including new ones.

Backstage.Network also innovates by allowing users to explore careers through a search engine based as much on classic entries (name of a profession, sector, skill, etc.) as on more elements. in connection with the personal profile of the inspirers, such as their own interests or even their hobbies. The goal is to stimulate the navigation of young people even when they are lacking in inspiration and do not know what to look for precisely.

A tool for schools and associations

Backstage.Network is a tool for high schools that helps strengthen ties with alumni, parents and businesses.

Associations active in educational or vocational guidance can develop their network of professional witnesses or mentors on Backstage.Network. The platform can also be used to facilitate the organization of career-type business meetings, company visits or simply to connect young people with professionals in their environment.




Our Team

Didier De Laveleye

Laura DeSchryver

Julien vander Straeten

If you do not know who to contact, you can send us an email at info@backstage.network - we will be happy to meet you!

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