Thomas Prévost


Professional areas:




customer interactions

Do not get carried away by preconceived ideas about your academic and professional choices; each person is unique and develops their energy in different environments. Go to meet the world and build your own opinion!


My job is to advise companies on complex issues, for example on a new strategy to increase the margins of certain products, or on the best approach to increase the speed of IT developments - for example a mobile app for consumers.

On a daily basis I work with a small team of 2 to 5 colleagues that changes with each project. We analyze the problem of the customer and break it into small problems to solve then we identify what are the interviews at the customer or in our network of experts that will allow us to solve elements of the puzzle. During the analysis stage we put our results on slides in PowerPoint to share our intermediate results clearly with the client. This PowerPoint layout is often done in the evening after the usual office hours we use to interact with the customer and the experts, so we often have long days. Also, as our customers are often large international companies, our work often takes us abroad, mainly to Europe but potentially to the whole world, and we spend a lot of time in airports and hotels.

What I like

  • Colleagues with varied career paths and a multicultural environment
  • A demanding environment that encourages continuous development of personal skills
  • A variety of customers (geographies, industries, sizes) and issues that allow me to continuously explore the business world

What I don't like

  • Heavy schedules and sometimes difficult to reconcile with family life
  • Frequent trips without having time to discover the cities in which we work
  • Lack of time for leisure, especially sports and friends


Available to answer questions

Available for a meeting

Available for a company visit

Available internship

My career

I started with computer programmer jobs in a small company in the telecommunications field. This job pleased me a lot for the analytical aspect and the constant resolution of small and often complex problems. I changed employers several times, keeping my computer developer cap, and I became more and more interested in the business applications of the solutions we were developing. I went on to become a Business Analyst and did not do much computer code anymore, but I wanted to translate business needs into technical specifications for developers. After a little entrepreneurial experience I realized that what I liked the most about my work was the problem solving and consulting of my interlocutors in the business or IT departments and I joined McKinsey as a consultant in 2016. Since my work I have discovered a variety of industries and issues that I did not expect, and allowed me to develop my consulting skills to become more experienced in problem solving and consulting in general.


Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve

Ingénieur en mathématiques appliquées



Lycée français Jean Monnet de Bruxelles

Bac Scientifique

My hobbies

I like reading and running. I manage to reconcile these interests by reading the evening after work or by finding a few tens of minutes to run in the early evening.

I also like going out with friends. Being a lot abroad I focus these events on Friday or Saturday night!

My interests

  • Adviser
  • Search, Innovate, Experiment
  • To be creative
  • Being an entrepreneur
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