Renaud Chicoisne

Postdoctoral fellow at HEC Montreal

Professional areas:

academic research

computer programming

There are a variety of professional opportunities in scientific research, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about these careers !

Postdoctoral fellow

I develop optimization algorithms to optimally plan rail terminal operations (e.g., loading / unloading trains).

In everyday life I read a lot of scientific literature to stay informed of the progress of academic research in the field, it takes me 20% of my time. I constantly refine the existing algorithms to 1 / adapt them to my specific problem and 2 / improve their performance and it also takes me 20% of my time. As we work with large problems, I must then implement them in a programming language (often in C), generate test data and test the performance of the "new" implemented algorithms. This part of implementation, including bug fixes, takes about 50% of my time. The remaining 10% of my time I participate in conferences with colleagues active in the same environment to share our best practices.

What I like

  • Freedom of research
  • Intellectual challenges
  • Real life problem solving

What I don't like

  • Clean up data to test algorithms
  • The instability of the profession before being appointed Professor
  • Solo work with too little team interaction


Available to answer questions

Available for a meeting

My career

I started with an engineering school in France. During my master's degree I had the chance to do a university exchange in Santiago in Chile where I developed my interest for mathematical optimization problems containing many variables. I specialized in the field by deciding to follow a doctorate in applied mathematics. I then became a professor at the University of Denver for 2 years before deciding to focus on research at McGill in Montreal where I work with a small team of researchers.


universidad de chile

Ph.D. in mathematics

My hobbies

I particularly like the flexibility of academic life that allows me to bike to work every day.

My interests

  • Being busy physically
  • Investigate, Analyze
  • Work in a scientific environment
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