Pierre-Yves G.

IT freelance

Professional areas:

software development

data processing


You really have to take your destiny into your own hands. Nobody will study in your place and you have to push to get where you want it. For me studying was not the most fun part, in fact I did not really like studying, but when I graduated I realized how important studies were. For those who like me do not like too much education I encourage you to find a job that you like, through an internship or a student job, and see the studies as a springboard for you to access this job. This will give you motivation to tell you that you are aiming for a job that really interests you.

IT freelance

I do not have a typical day and I work from home. In fact I wake up in the morning when I feel like it, unless I have an early appointment! I do not like routine. When I wake up in the morning I make myself a coffee, I open my emails and I respond to what is urgent then I start my tasks which are often the development of features for different projects I work on. When I find that I have advanced enough and I do not want to work anymore I stop for the day. Some days I have meetings and those days are more stressful. When I have a meeting I have to prepare a demo that must be perfect. In these cases I wake up earlier in the morning and work more intensely.

What I like

What I really prefer is not having a routine. I would not want to be at 9:00 am in the office to show that I'm here and please my boss. Being able to work from home also means I can work from almost anywhere. I love traveling and my job allows me to travel as much as I want and that's really cool. As long as I'm in a time zone not too far from my colleagues in Europe and I have a good internet connection it's like I'm at home! Another aspect of my work that I really like is the ability to quickly see the impact of the projects I develop on people.

What I don't like

I do not miss having a team compared to my previous jobs in which I could interact daily with my colleagues. I do not have the opportunity to do activities after work with my colleagues, which I liked a lot. I regularly schedule meetings with colleagues or clients to interact with them and not be completely isolated. My work is also very flexible to allow me to see my friends at the end of the day and this is another way to see the world. Another aspect that I like less in my work is that I do not see a lot of professional development possible. It is certainly not a job that I will keep all my life. When I want to move to more senior positions I think I'll change jobs.


Available to answer questions

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My career

My professional career is quite long! I started university as an engineer and I did not really know which specialty to focus on. After a few years I realized that computer classes were the easiest courses for me and I naturally went down that path. I found myself in this environment of students passionate about computers and computer systems such as Linux, which was not really my case. I persisted and finished my studies with a degree in computer science. My first job was in a computer consulting business for banks. I liked it but I realized that finance was not what I wanted to do. I decided to change jobs and go to Argentina where I stayed for two years. The advantage of being a computer engineer is that you can easily find work anywhere in the world. Since I speak Spanish and English it was quite easy for me to get a job in Argentina. I finally decided to come back to Belgium because of the financial situation there. When I returned to Belgium I had the choice between 2 jobs: a "classical" job as a consultant and this new adventure. I decided to try the adventure as an independent.


Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve

Master en informatique

My hobbies

I love traveling and seeing friends. My work really gives me the flexibility I'm looking for in these two areas of interest. I recently also bought a drone that I fly to film my travel destinations from the air!

My interests

  • Investigate, Analyze
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Manage projects
  • Organize, Plan
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