Nicolas Gazon

Enseignant at Institut de l'Assomption

Professeur d'histoire et de religion (Institut de l'Assomption), Formateur Enneagramme (Asbl Graines de Soi), Conseiller en orientation ( Asbl Graines de Soi), Coordinateur pédagogique (IFF Europe)

Professional areas:




ecological transition

career orientation

To choose a profession is to choose a way to express the best of oneself, for the benefit of the collective!


My job never stops! As a teacher of religion and history, I am constantly looking for content and a way to convey it that could fascinate my students. I seek above all that he can better understand the world around them (history), but also better understand themselves (religion and philosophy). In a world in turmoil, I find it essential that every young person can have tools to position themselves in the face of the issues of his time (the digital and ecological transition in particular). It is for this purpose that I am also trained in orientation, to help young people find a job that allows them to express the best of their personality, in the middle of a particularly turbulent historical period!

What I like

  • meeting over a hundred young people each year
  • training permanently and develop myself
  • the freedom to invent, the creativity
  • the possibility of changing mentalities, representations of the world

What I don't like

  • the homework corrections
  • a school structure that is struggling to evolve
  • the appearance of smartphones in class


Available to answer questions

Available for a meeting

Available for a company visit

My career

Initially, I wanted to be a movie actor! I was 17 years old and so I started with a theater school at the IAD. This year was very rich, but inconclusive ... I was not made for the life of an actor. On the advice of a close friend, I then tried to study history (I had always been good at this subject) and it has me more. However, I did not want to become a historian and the teaching profession was quickly imposed at the end of my studies. It allowed me to reconcile my taste for history and my affinities for the theater. Once a teacher, I quickly got involved in the school's rhetoric room. I wanted to lead young people with projects that could really mark them. The management quickly offered me to also give some religion classes and that immediately spoke to me. These courses gave a great freedom and allowed to exchange with the pupils on the meaning of the existence, of their existence. One by one, I trained myself in self-knowledge tools for use with students. These tools made me so passionate that I decided to make it a second profession: helping young people find their way by helping them explore their personality!


Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Master en histoire

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Agrégation en Histoire

Halin-Prémont Enneagram Institute

Certificat de formateur en Enneagramme

Halin-Premont Enneagram Institute

Certificat de conseiller en orientation

My hobbies

Theater, politics, spirituality, paths of resilience

My interests

  • Search, Innovate, Experiment
  • Teach, Train, Transmit
  • Working with children or young people
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