Marije van Tuinen

Projectontwikkelaar en begeleider at Stichting Jong & Ondernemend Fryslan

Professional areas:

activities for young people

guidance for young people

Meetup events organisation

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Projectontwikkelaar en begeleider

The working days are different each time. One day I am on the road with my colleagues and a group of young people and we are at a festival with our food truck and the other day we have many meetings and meetings for the projects we do. When a project is in full swing, it can be very busy and when starting up new projects there is more time for networking and making new plans. Occasionally we give workshops or guest lessons from the foundation.

What I like

It is different every day, it is creative, there is a lot of freedom and space to develop my own ideas and personal goals.

What I don't like

Sometimes it is also difficult that the work is irregular and there is not always as much structure.


Available to answer questions

Available for a meeting

Available for a company visit

My career

After my secondary school (Havo) I did the training teacher Theater (HBO), I did not finish it. Then I worked for years in the hospitality industry to eventually study again. I then obtained my bachelor of Social Work in the direction of Cultural Social Education. After my education I started as a ZZPer. Since 2016 I have founded the Young & Entrepreneurial Fryslan Foundation together with my former colleague Tjitske Kiemel. Together with her and Janke Johanna van Zanden we now carry out projects for this foundation.


Piter Jelles



Docent Theater

NHL Leeuwarden

Social Work

My hobbies

I get energy by building bridge between people and helping them achieve their dreams... and this is what I do in my job !

My interests

  • Help others, being of service
  • Being in contact with the public, customers
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Organize, Plan
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