Didier de Laveleye

Entrepreneur social

Coordinateur de partenariats (Actiris), Administrateur (Backstage.network asbl)

Professional areas:


project management

socio-professional integration

development of socio-cultural projects

social entrepreneurship

social innovation


team coordination

partnership development

social development

We have only one life, ... but we can have a lot of jobs! So always stay free, always seek to evolve, and do not lock yourself into a career that does not flourish yourself.

Entrepreneur social

I develop projects with a social purpose on behalf of associations or public services, mainly in the fields of education and socio-professional integration.

  • I am currently working mainly for the Brussels Public Employment Service (Actiris), where I work as 'Jobhouses Coordinator'. My job is to coordinate, in the territory of 3 Brussels municipalities, all the partners active in the professional integration of job seekers (Municipal Employment Services, CPAS, ARAE services, Local Mission, Antennes d'Actiris and ALE). I organize meetings with the partners, I stimulate the establishment of joint action plans, I support and I accompany the assembly of local projects, I follow the activities and I play a role of facilitator and interface between services.
  • I also carry out social entrepreneurship activities within the framework of a non-profit organization that I co-founded (Backstage.Network), whose objective is to develop a social network connecting people at all stages of professional life, so that they can learn about each other and advise each other on their choice of education, training, occupation, employment or career development.

What I like

Conduct analyzes, propose solutions, meet new partners, set up new projects, stimulate partnerships.

What I don't like

Lack of agility and slow administrative procedures, especially when they take over the meaning of public services.


Available to answer questions

Available for a meeting

Available for a company visit

Available internship

My career

At 17, I arrived at the university without knowing what to do. After a year in agronomy (because friends were registered yet) and a year in journalism, I discovered the social sciences. I got a Master. Then I fought to win a doctoral scholarship in Social and Cultural Anthropology because I wanted to live an ethnographic experience. I then lived two years in Brazil, on the borders of the Amazon, where I realized a PhD thesis on cultural miscegenation. Back in Belgium, I was a researcher in anthropology, I set up projects, looked for funding and established inter-university collaborations. It gave me a taste for project management... but after a few years, I stopped the scientific career because of lack of job opportunities and also because working conditions did not suit me (isolation of the researcher, weak team spirit, lack of concrete achievements). I then found a project coordinator job in a neighborhood association in Schaerbeek where I put my expertise on multiple identities into practice! From there, I turned to anti-racism and ran an anti-racism association for 5 years. I loved this fight and I was able to develop multiple projects successfully, but unfortunately I had to leave this job because of internal conflicts that put this association on the ground. After a short time unemployed I coordinated a regional prevention and awareness of active life among young people at the end of compulsory schooling. In particular, I developed a new service to help young people without a network to find student jobs. I loved reconciling project development, team management, networking and the advocacy function (supporting young people without network accessing student jobs). I left this post to lead the assembly of a new Cité des métiers in Brussels. The project was exciting, and I am proud to have shot it much higher than what an administration was ready to innovate ... Today I wish to have more freedom of action and innovation, developing my own social projects.


Université Libre de Bruxelles - ULB

Master en Sciences sociales

Université de Paris X

DEA en Ethnologie et Sociologie Comparative

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Doctorat en Anthropologie sociale et culturelle

My hobbies

I love :

  • architecture (I have a brick in the belly),
  • trips (but I hate to prepare them!),
  • luxury hotels (when they are cheap),
  • cooking (especially that of others), ...

My interests

  • Search, Innovate, Experiment
  • Adviser
  • Lead
  • Investigate, Analyze
  • To be creative
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Manufacture, Build
  • Organize, Plan
  • Manage projects
  • Sell, convince, negotiate
  • Travel, being on the move
  • Draw, Designer

My communities and interest groups

Jong Ondernemend Fryslân

Wat willen jongeren nu écht graag ondernemen in Friesland? Wat missen ze op dit gebied en wat zijn hun wensen en toekomstdromen? Wij geloven dat je dat het beste aan jongeren zelf kunt vragen. JOF biedt daarom een podium aan jongeren om te laten zien wie ze zijn, wat hen drijft en wat ze willen ondernemen. Zij dragen zelf ideeën en projecten aan, wij bieden ze handvatten om deze te realiseren. We geven begeleiding, tips en feedback en bieden coaching en workshops. Om hun idee – groot of klein – te laten slagen. Zo zetten we jongeren in de lead en stimuleren we jong ondernemerschap in Fryslân. Website: https://www.jongondernemendfryslan.nl/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JongondernemendFryslan/ Location: Friesdland, Netherlands

CEFA d'Anderlecht

There's no english translation available for this text.: FR

Institut de l'Assomption

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What's next ? Elèves, (futurs) anciens élèves et parents du Lirl se retrouveront ici pour partager leurs choix d'orientation et leurs parcours professionnels.

Dream Your Life

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There's no english translation available for this text.: FR

There's no english translation available for this text.: FR

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