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Do what you want! Do not listen to your teachers, do not listen to your parents. Listen to your heart, do what you want and be aware that there is never a closed door. If you commit to a path that interests you and you realize after a while that it is not right, that it does not give you satisfaction, you can always change. I changed career completely at 45 years old! If I can do it, everyone can do it.

Faiseur de chocolat

We are chocolate makers, that is to say that we import beans from the establishments with which we work and where we know that there are no working children, that it is durable and that the environment does not suffer. When the beans arrive here they are cleaned, roasted, crushed, grinded, so in fact all the steps to turn the cocoa into chocolate. That's what we do every day and the whole process happens behind a window here in our store. It's part of the concept that we can show or show our customers how we work and that there is no secret or something hidden in what we do.

What I like

Having instant feedback. We produce our chocolate with our best know-how. We have a product and when we give the customer a piece of chocolate or our hot chocolate and they say directly "woaw it's great, we love it" and we see their smile, it's great! We rarely do this when we work in an office on a report, on a file, on a conference where you organize everything and that in the end there is not much, you do not have feedback of what you did to tell yourself that what you did is worth something. But here we have constant feedback every day and I need that, I love it and I really need it every day.

What I don't like

We work a lot, we are still at the beginning, we are a startup, that is, we do not have much time for other things, we are really focused. Health suffers a little bit. There is a lot of stress, but it's positive stress, it's not the stress of a boss who tells you "go get it tomorrow afternoon" is something that is really in our own hands. So you have to prioritize to make the decisions. It's a little stressful but it comes with the job and it's not completely negative.


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My career

Nothing to do with food making, production or manual work. I am a political scientist, I did science in Germany with a specialization in international cooperation. I have always wanted to work with the Third World for just relations between the North and the South and I realized that all this development is strongly led by Brussels and the European institutions. So I went on to specialize in European affairs. I arrived in Brussels to work on this type of file, but during the 15 years I spent here as a translator I never really touched the third world, but rather the communication so I became a site developer webs, I organize conferences and communication supports to the European institutions and the European Parliament. I loved my job, especially when I worked with the child rights network. But after 15 years I asked myself the question "Do I want to try something else?" My wife Julia had the same thought at the same time and wondered what could be done. We looked in all directions and we arrived by pure chance at chocolate! And we do not regret!


London South Bank University

Master en European Public Policy

Pôle Universitaire Leonard de Vinci

3ème cycle en Management des Affaires Européennes, EU Studies

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen

Magister Artium, Political Science

Luise von Duesberg Gymnasium


My hobbies

I play basketball in several teams and I am involved in local politics. The problem is that in this startup situation I do not have much time. So to reconcile my interests I must say that it does not work. I hope that will improve in a few years. But I usually think that in any job you need to have activities outside of work to keep your balance and stay healthy.

My interests

  • To be creative
  • Being an entrepreneur
  • Search, Innovate, Experiment
  • Sell, convince, negotiate
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